Illustrating: A New World Awakening.

The End of this Age Predicted.

The leaders of the United Nations are calling for a New World Order. The old is out, the new is in. A new system of order is set within the next decade. The history channel, the internet, and in particular, YouTube are predicting some catastrophic events will take place soon, but over the next few years, a new world order will emerge. Will it be a precursor to the end of the world, end of the age, or the ushering in of a dictatorship? CNN, BBC, other media channels, along with the History Channel are being watched daily. They bring to the viewing audience, events taking place around the world. All these things must happen before the day of the Lord. Are you ready?

World influence on the Believer

The world exerts a very strong influence on the Christian. Knowledge of things to come, and a faith that prevails should never be compromised. A few years ago we had Bible Schools. Today we have Bible institutes, colleges, seminaries, and graduate schools. Each of these institutions must meet the standards of the Government under which they are licensed. A graduate school, in the states since 1981, has just been granted accreditation. Graduates are now recognized by other institutions and business organizations. Educational practice is no longer compromised, because business and government usually hire graduates from accredited colleges. When Christian schools are called to obey the laws of the land, the gospel of Jesus Christ is compromised. (2 Tim 2:15)

New Me
Hply Spirit
The Flesh

A New World Awakening

In 1620, with less than one billion person living on earth, Pilgrims and Puritans came to North America with the new Geneva Bible. In 1737, Freylinghause and Edwards stirred the nation for Christ. In 1859, the population reached two billion, and Finny, Moody, and Sunday witnessed a Global revival. See report. Campbell, in 1949, He predicted a Canadian revival would begin at the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Saskatoon. In 1971. Ralph and Lou Sutera, brought revival to Canada. It spread across the nation.

In 1985, it happened in Kamloops, B.C. I was there. Now, in 2009, a population over six billion persons is expecting some kind of World Awakening. Oh, that it may be the return of Christ, or at best, a New World Awakening.

Perhaps, December, 21, 2012. Are you ready?