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Illustrating: There is No Power in the Will

Many believers and unbelievers, believe in will power. There is no power in the will. On the diagram page, you clicked on the “Will Switch.” Later, when you click on the Holy Spirit button, connection is made between the will and the Holy Spirit. When you click on the flesh button, connection is made between the will and the flesh. No power is transferred until a choice is made. (Rom 7-25) Some lightning and thunder will indicate when the spark ignites. Remember, there is no connection until you click the buttons. Herein, lay the secret of cause and effect.

The Christian walk is not one of Passivity, but one of Activity.

When the believer chooses to walk after the flesh, the effectual power of sin is stimulated. When the believer chooses to walk in the Spirit, the effectual power of the Holy Spirit is stimulated, and the righteousness of God in Christ comes into action. (2 Cor 5-21) The power of the Spirit, and the power of the flesh are evident as being contrary one to the other in action. These are both powerfull entities, and war with one another for control, or direction of the believer. (Gal 5-17)

The diagram below is taken from an Exchanged Life Training Manual. It shows a pivot upon which rests the will. The red bulb is indicative of the body and its emotions. The blue bulb is indicative of the Mind of Christ. Herein, the believer is instructed to follow the Word of God. (1 Cor 2-16)

Many believers do not trust the scriptures. However, the Word of God is constant, absolute, and true. In general, most believers take what their pastors teach as truth. The NIV is now the most popular version of the Bible. It, in my opinion, does away with the ownership of God, and imparts it to man. Note: when prepositions are replaced, the meaning changes. For example, I live by the faith of the Son of God. It is not my faith in God. (Gal 2:20) Is Christ your Eternal Life? (Col 3:4)