Illustrating: The Power of the Flesh.

Click on each of the Four Patterns of the Flesh, and then try the two activities.

First, the source of overt and covert Rejection must be determined. There are Rules governing the role of the flesh. The next is a page of Guidelines whereby you can find direction in coping with the flesh. Finally, there is a Logic pattern for ministry. It is the most powerful model for participating in ministry, to walk after the Spirit, and not walk after the flesh. (1 John 2:16; Galatians 5:16-17)

Want to follow the highway of truth, or would you rather stay cool and walk in error? Just click and follow the arrows. Here is the pattern of God’s Grace. The story of Israel in action can be seen in your action as well. Why not write out your testimony, and see where you are in your walk in the Spirit. Thank you for visiting Read my book and joins the Club for Global awakening.

“Is There Really Life After Death?”

Written with the Church in mind. Philosophy and culture has all but destroyed the foundation of Christianity, which is: The resurrection of Jesus Christ. Without the resurrection, there would be no Christian Church. Without the King James and Geneva versions of the Bible, there would be no Protestant Reformation. The Bible is clear in it’s teaching that it is imperative that a believer walks after the Spirit and not after the flesh. The book, “Is There Really Life After Death?” quotes exclusively the King James Bible. There are many references to this truth along the way.

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The Flesh

Branches In Christ

Christians abide in Christ, yet rejection is a powerful disclaimer of truth. Live life in a Sphere, not a circle. A circle is built on one plane, and gives us the illusion of security. The sphere, as being caught up in a balloon, provides the assurance of security. Imagine a circle on the floor. Step into it, and pull it over your head. It has become a sphere. Abide in Christ, and you have the assurance of Eternal Life in Christ. We are complete in Christ.

Fleshly patterns can be contrasted with spiritual patterns. Abiding in Christ must be appropriated as truth. To experience Eternal Life as Christ’s Life, believe you are the branches and growing in Christ.