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Illustrating: The Need For Shelter

Homelessness, the condition of people who lack shelter.

The term "homelessness" may include people whose primary night time residence is public shelter. It may be a place, not for use as a regular sleeping accommodation, such as a doorway, or under some bridge or passage way. Is it because they cannot afford a regular, safe, and adequate shelter? Perhaps a small number of people may choose to be homeless, but surely, this is not the norm. A statistic put out by Reference shows an estimated 100 million people world wide are without adequate shelter It seems many are poor, yet want to stay out in the cold.

So it was many years ago. The prophet Jonah made a shelter just outside the City of Nineveh. It was not built with enough protection from the sun. God caused a plant to grow. Its vine grew over the shelter casting a shadow over Jonah’s head. Sheltered from from the intense heat of the sun, Jonah was happy. However, this was done that God might teach Jonah a lesson in obedience.

God prepared a worm. It ate into the gourd so that it withered and died. The sun rose, an east wind blew, and the sun beat upon the head of Jonah such that he fainted. God asked, “Are you angry over what happened to the plant?” Jonah replied, “I have every right to be angry.” The LORD said, “Why have pity on a plant, for which you did no labour?” “It came up in a night, and perished in a night.” He continued to say, “ Should I not spare Nineveh, wherein there are more than sixty thousand persons? Most of whom, cannot discern between their right and their left.” The homeless are so counted for their disobedience unto the Lord, and are angry at God’s authority.

Obedience to the Calling of God.

It is good for the Christian to obey God. Having repented, trusted, and believed His Word, some cry with Isaiah, “Here am I, send me.” But, like Jonah, many sit in their self-righteousness than have compassion on the poor and homeless.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

Fifty Seven percent of born again Christians are without compassion. They say, “God is merciful on the poor and homeless, and will provide for them, even unto eternal life.” Maslow’s hierarchy of needs rank homelessness as number one on a scale of five. Is there a way that seems right? What a man sows, does he also reap? (Gal 6:7)