Illustrating: The Need For Security

Hug a blanket in times of stress

Linus, in the "Peanuts" comic strip, hugged a blanket in times of stress. The behavior seemed to overcome anxiety and insecurity. Some evidence suggests that security to an object is likened to one’s attachment to their mother. In the United States, about 60 percent of children have a mild degree of attachment to a soft, inanimate object. Attachment to an object is beneficial. It serves as a substitute in providing comfort. Comforting has even been shown to enhance learning.

Security, a significant factor for the believer.

Emmanuel means, “God is with us.” Jesus is an ever present comfort to His followers. His death caused anxiety and stress. He assured us of another comforter. The comforter is the Holy Spirit who dwells in the spirit of the believer. One, who does not appropriate their co-death, co-burial, and co-resurrection in Christ can not experience being filled with the righteousness of God. Security is a factor in the believer’s state of mind. (John 14:16-18; Eph 3:19, 5:18; Phil 1:11)

Terms that can throw a believer

1. Justification: In Christ, you are forgiven for past, present, and future sins. (1 John 1:7-9)

2. Reconciliation: In Christ, you are totally accepted and pleasing to God. (1 Cor 1:21)

3. Propitiation: In Christ, you reckon yourself dead to sin, but alive to God. (Rom 6:11)

4. Regeneration: In Christ, you are a new creature, the old man is dead. (2 Cor 5:17; Gal 2:20)

5. Appropriation: In Christ, the act of accepting Christ’s Life as your eternal life. (Col 3:4)

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