Illustrating: Rules and Roles of the Flesh

Oh, those unspoken Family Rules!

To get basic needs met, the flesh seeks to control every relationship.

Many times these behaviors result from UNRESOLVED ISSUES from families of origin.

I'm not in charge -- you're in charge -- I'm in charge

(1) Intimidation -- (2) Blame -- (3) criticism -- (4) Withdrawal

(5) Seclusion -- (6) Body Language -- (7) Passivity

(8) Rescue me -- (9) Care for me

(10) Pursuing

I must be in charge

(1) Competitive

(2) Always right -- (3) Defensive

(4) Pleasing (accommodating) -- (5) Intimacy Avoidance

(6) Indifferent -- (7) Independent -- (8) Mistrust of those outside the family.

These represent a belief system manifesting itself through the flesh. Words, spoken by a Christian with these attributes, hurt deeply. Transformed by the renewing of the mind, will interrupt these destructing, and defeating roles of behavior. The Exchanged Life, as explained in my new book, “Is There Really Life After Death?” addresses these unresolved issues of the flesh.

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