In Study: An Adult Study Model

The Bible commands the Christian to study. Study to show oneself approved unto God, a workman that never needs to be ashamed; one who rightly divides the Word of Truth. (Tim 2:15-16)The truth is out there. You just have to test it.

Many Exploit the Adult Learner

There are many who teach via eBooks and eZines. Some, in my opinion, are sound, but others exploit the student. They use craftiness, and deciet to bring confusion to the student of scripture. The Bible has been preserved of God since the beginning of creation. Wee Geordie has helped many come into union with the Eternal Christ. (Eph 2:9)

Wee Geordie learned a unique and easy way for adults to study. He learned how to scan material, focus on areas of significance, then analyze the content. He completed a five year doctoral program of study in just over three years.

Unless you comprehend what you are reading, it is of no consequence. It is not unusual that teachers exploit adult learners through intimidation. Exploitation is a stumbling block to adult learning leading to the fear failure.

Enjoy a Learning Style without Intimidation

Oxford Graduate School is an accredited Christian Post Secondary School. It was founded in 1981 as a special institute for reading and research for working adults. Their model for learning guarantees success and eliminates the fear of failure.

The Model for Learning.

Adult learners can easily upgrade their trade or professional skills through reading and research. This graduate school, wherein Wee Geordie learned about this awesome learning model, guaranteed his success. As adults, we do not learn as children. As an adult, we put away childish things.

Pedagogy vs Andragogy.

Pedagogy, does not lend itself to adult learning. Pedagogy, as the name implies, is the art of teaching children to learn by memory. It is slow, demands more time, energy, and a good memory. Wee Geordie will tutor you on how to shorten the time for study. Andragogy is the alternative to university training. Adults, and Life Long Learning are the future for adult learners.

Adult Intimidation.

Mature adults are leaders. Therefore, why not set the example? Why not set the role model. You can learn faster, comprehend more fully, and get on with your life more quickly learning at home. We start at the source, understand the structure, process the material, and integrate the detail. The forward, preface, index, introduction, overview, conclusion, and bibliography all fall into place.

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