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In this site, topics trace a theological construct of Christianity. It gives support to my book, and brings simplicity to theological terms through pictorial illustrations. Click on the highlighted text to view each page. In fifty years in the Church, I notice less and less people reading from the King James Bible. Most read a modern English, or paraphrase that tend to include prepositions that obscure the meaning. This, though I wish it was not so, gives support to what Jesus meant when He said, “I came not to send peace but a sword.” Many bibles tends to divide the church. Even families are divided over which Bible to believe. (Matt 10:34-40)

In my book, I emphasize that Christ's “death defying act” is confirmed through reading the King James Version of the Bible. I seek to show how we experience the reality of His resurrection only by dying to our old nature and taking on the new life of the risen Christ. I not only explore the history and the politics leading to the doorway of faith, but I also detail the spiritual steps to both finding that threshold ... and crossing it. I hope to encourage those who purchase the book, that Christianity is a movement of Grace. To grow in that movement, one must be found faithful in Christ Jesus. There is no answer outside of Christ Jesus. Click on the Upper Icon for more information.

It is my Hope you will find eternal Life in this Study of the Bible. Look up the references in the King James Version, and compare them with modern translations. Knowledge of electronics gave me insight on how to design a Diagram to illustrate how each topic fits within the whole. I have included the attribute of Faith, necessary for success in Service. The World desires compromise, wherein lay personal Rejection.

No one can separate the New Me from the love of Christ in heavenly places. (Rom 8:35-39; Eph. 2:6; 2 Tim 3:12) The Soul that chooses to obey the law of Sin, and follow after The Flesh, is lost to Grace. (Gal 5:24) The Body is subject to death because the Devil corrupted the mind of Eve, and caused Adam to fall from Grace. There is no Shelter nor Security for the unbeliever. Those who Will to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit are obedient to the law of God. Those who seek the mind of Christ establishes Rules and Guidelines, for living on earth.

We make choices between Truth and Error. However, God gave us the plan and Pattern of Israel to help us choose His way. I include in the site, a Logic mode. A Plan of Action for the restless spirit.

Be sure to purchase my Book. This is not one of my design. On page one hundred fifty seven (157), you will find a list of some thirty three (33) contributors that either confirm, or provide insight.

Below, find a list of online references that lend support to the subject, including statistics where more than fifty seven percent (57%)of those professing Christians are really not aware of who they are in Christ.

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