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Illustrating: The Righteousness of God in Christ

What is one of the world’s greatest success builders? It is an insurance company. Most people carry life, health, accident, home, car, etc., etc., insurance. This includes most Christians. Success, as depicted by the lower cartoon, shows the struggle for Christian righteousness.

The sentence "Thou art Peter [Petros], and upon this rock [Petra] I will build my church." (Matt 16:18) This passage is probably one of the most debilitating Biblical passages. It divides the Roman Catholic Church from the Protestant Church. The reformist, Martin Luther, protested against the Catholic Church for selling indulgences for sin. Petros and Petra are metaphorically called, a rock.

Never Question the Word of God

Moses was denied entrance to the promise land. Moses struck the Rock, Jesus. He was instructed to speak to a metaphorical Rock, Jesus. (Num 20:8-12) Never question the Word of God. When speaking of His Death, Burial, and Resurrection, Peter openly rebuked the Lord. Jesus chastised him, and said, “Get thee behind me Satan.” Thereafter He said, they too, must take up the cross and follow Him. (Matt 16:21-24; Mark 8:33-35; Luke 9:23) ) Israel drank of that Rock, Jesus. The name Petra, is in reference to Jesus Christ, our Rock of salvation. (1 Cor 10:4-13; Ps 95:1)

Do we carry the Righteousness of God in a wagon? Did we receive the Spirit by works of the law, or by the hearing of faith? (Gal 3:3) Having begun in the Spirit, are we now made perfect by works of the flesh? The cartoon is a metaphor of the flesh. It is filled with the righteousness of God, but man insists on working. Works of the flesh does not lead to Eternal Life. “Jesus is made to be sin for us; that we might be made the righteousness of God, in Christ.” (2 Cor 5:21)