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Illustrating : Guidelines for Overcoming the Flesh

Parents, Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults

Models that attract Young Flesh

How do men and women behave in private, in public, on the television.

Observing parents sex roles. What does it means to be a man, a woman

Some may choose what is considered to be the best attributes in both parents;

How do adults relate to each other. What strategic behavior seems to be most effective,

Some choose to model one parent; whereas, others may model the opposite of a parent

Flesh Relationships Possible Results

Overprotection: Does not take responsibility.

Overindulgence: Becomes a getter, irresponsible.

Rejection: Discouraged about his worth.

Authoritarian: Depends on power; tries to defeat it.

Excessive Standards: Discouraged about ability.

Pitying: Feels sorry for himself.

Inconsistent Discipline: Lacks trust; believes life is arbitrary.

Inharmonious: Offensive fighter, or seeks excitement.

Hopelessness: Apathetic.

Disdain: Cynical pessimist

Denial of Feelings: Cover up to avoid responsibility.

Competitive: Anxious, strives to do better.

Guidelines whereby you can find direction in coping with the flesh. Issues on the left are caused by bad character developed on the right. Modern life, where both parents work, look to schools, day care, and nannies to care for their children. As they mature through childhood, adolescence, and become adults, many will show characteristics of rejection. Those parents, who give charge over their children to strangers, should prepare by understanding these guidelines. Shelter, job security, social activities, all place a strain on growing up. These cause stress, stress causes frustration, leading to strong attitudes, and bad habits. Good character is often overlooked in a relationship.

The Christian home may be unique. Yet, we find those who are raised in Christian homes are just as apt to go the way of the flesh as those who mature outside the church boundary. To overcome the power of the flesh, one must reckon, count the flesh as being crucified. The flesh, with it lusts and affections are crucified in Christ. So, we say in conclusion, walk in the Spirit, and you will not fulfilling the lust of the flesh. (Gal 5:16-17, 24-25; 1 John 2:16-18) God the Holy Spirit indwells the spirit, not our flesh. He keeps the body in check, along with the soul’s affections and lust. Now, go back to The Flesh and click on the most important aspect of the site, the Logic model for ministry.

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