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Illustrating: The Body in Waiting.

Where are the dead? We know the body returns to the earth, and its basic elements. What really takes place in the grave is a matter for speculation, and forensic research? What happens to those who are dead in Christ? Does their body resume its current state for the sake of recognition? We know flesh and blood does not enter the kingdom of heaven. So, just where are the dead?

As the organism ages, it loses the characteristics of youth. It is always in the process of dying. We search for answers and wonder why a young life is lost to the grave. Do the young have a better opportunity than the elderly to embrace immortality? The mortal body of the believer is quickened, kept alive by the Holy Spirit who dwells therein. We know from experience, the Holy Spirit gives witness with our spirit that we are, children of God, and heirs of the kingdom. (Rom 8:11-17)

Life After Death ?

The law that binds is death. A wife is bound to her husband by law. If her husband dies, she is free to marry again. However, if he does not die, and the woman remarries, she is an adulteress. (Rom 7:3) The law of death holds the woman captive. To be free from the law of her husband, the woman must count herself to be dead to the law. (Rom 6:9-11)

Since flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God, the believer’s physical body must pass on to the grave. (1 Cor 15:35-57) Upon death, the body returns to dust. We are born mortal, but raised immortal. In birth, we are in the image of Adam with a natural body: In rebirth, we take on the image of Christ, we are reborn in Christ, and preserved in spirit until united with a new body

The natural body is clothed with an earth suit, but just as surely, in heaven it is clothed in a heavenly suit. As part of our inheritance, we are promised a new body. in which to reside. (Eph 1:14) The first Adam is made a living soul, giving rise to a human family: the last Adam (Jesus) is a quickening spirit, giving rise to a spiritual family. 1 Cor 15:45)

Eternal Life Christ’s Life

In Adam

Buried in Death